Monday, August 29, 2011

Is leor don dreoilín a nead

 Translation: The nest is enough for a wren. 
Meaning: Home is where the heart is.
Welcome to our home sweet home!

When you enter our bright red door and come down the entryway you pass the guest bedroom on the left then enter the sitting/living/dining/everything room that looks into the kitchen!
The kitchen is filled with light coming in the window over the sink and the backdoor that opens to our little (think 4ft by 5ft) gravel step-out with the clothesline. 
Back in the living room you can see our very steep/narrow staircase with our sofa underneath, and we continue on upstairs.
View of the living room from the stairs...
The first door on the right upstairs is moms room. 
She has great built-in storage on one wall..
And an AMAZING view of the River Shannon from bed! Really, this picture does not do it justice. 
Then the next door is my little bedroom!
 Less storage with just the armoire but we got the little white storage cube at Ikea and this cozy little room is perfect sized for me!
And my view (although half a car-park) isn't too bad itself! 
Then at the end of our "hall" (I say this because it is really about 3 feet long...) is our tiiiny strange electric bathroom!
Really, this is the shower! Very low pressure, but it gets the job done!
And that's it for the tour of our home! I am excited to find cute little things to add to our nest from all of our travels and experiences!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you're doing something special. I'm sure whatever it is it'll be wonderful, because you'll be celebrating in Ireland!

    I read all of your posts! I enjoyed every word. I love your home and location (in the oldest part of the city!). The house keys are adorable. I love the States, but we just don't have the architecture or cute antiquity and quaintness of European countries.

    I'm glad you've made friends (humans and animals). I can't wait to read about your next adventures and observations! Tell your mom I said hi and she looked cute at the airport and in front of your house. Feel free to e-mail I love ya! Talk to you soon!