Sunday, March 10, 2013


About a month ago, Skwhirlhaus put out a call for artists to present new work. I am becoming more and more excited for our inaugural season as we, the cooperative members of Skwhrilhaus, sort through submissions to curate into our March - October performance series. The high level of creativity and artistry in Atlanta is apparent and I am so anxious to see the series bloom to life on stage!
Be on the lookout for blogposts from us over at
to get updates about selected artists and performance series schedule.

Here is the information copied from our facebook post about the Hauswarming if you would like to come over and see what we are about!

Skwhirlhaus Hauswarming 
March 23 6pm - 10pm
Join us as we start off our 2013 season with an evening of performances, fundraising, and backyard fun. Bring some fabric to donate to the Skwhirlhaus community stage curtain, enjoy kombucha and homemade snacks, check out the stage, and meet some of the artists. 
Skwhirlhaus is located at 327 Sisson Avenue Atlanta 30317.
Parking is limited, so carpool if possible. The East Lake MARTA station is located 2 blocks from Skwhirlhaus. 
Please bring cash for donations. 

Skwhirlhaus cultivates a cooperative sustainable environment where creative individuals gather to present work and experience community.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


This past week I had the amazing opportunity to work backstage with Monica Bill Barnes & Co while they performed at Emory. On Wednesday, I was a part of the team that helped Monica and Anna film their short intro that opens the show. It was so wonderful to walk all around Emory filming with the two of them, they really are some of the most genuinely sweet and amazingly talented women I have ever met! After filming I was a part of the backstage crew and was in charge of props and costumes, and any other odd job that needed taken care of. Anna and Monica are so well organized and self sufficient though that one of the only jobs I had was to stuff confetti shooters (yes, tons and tons of confetti!) It was incredible to watch the show every night from the wings. Seeing the high energy level and dedication to the performance (even though both of the women were sick!) was so inspiring. MBB really is a genius, I saw the show back to back 4 nights in a row and every single night I laughed out loud and cried real tears. Spending time around Monica and Anna could not have happened at a better time for me, I needed to be pushed and inspired to keep at it in the dance world, and these women did that for me, and more! 

Monica and Anna carrying the mini met through Emory while filming!

sweet little inspirational note on the back of the mini met  

stuffing confetti shooters on the prop table

with Anna and Monica after a very successful show week!