Sunday, September 29, 2013

falling for fall

The most beautiful weather of year has been happening this past week in Atlanta. Perfect 75 degrees, sunny with a cool breeze, the kind of weather that makes people crave the outdoors. Festivals and farmers markets are in full swing, everyone is out with adorable puppies and babies - walking, playing, chatting, eating and drinking all the things. It's amazing. As I type this, I'm sitting on the lovely porch outside my coffee shop observing everyone's cheerful Sunday afternoon attitudes. I've always loved the changing of the seasons, and there is something especially romantic about falling into fall.

 I was able to rehearse at Skwhirlhaus Friday morning for my piece in the October show. Early morning light peeked through the big tree above me warming my skin as I moved my body through the crisp cool air. Just me, under the tree. It was so very magical. I was stressed before rehearsal, not having my other dancer there and not feeling ready or like I had enough done, but once I started moving, something in me shifted, and just being on the stage at Skwhirlhaus turned my anxiety into pure joy. Pure joy to be dancing on a beautiful stage, outside in beautiful weather, right behind my friends home with her beautiful family inside. Our mission statement for Skwhirlhaus really is spot on...

Skwhirlhaus cultivates a cooperative sustainable environment where creative individuals gather to present work and experience community.

 Look out for updates about the October show where I will show new work Night Kitchen. October 18th and 19th!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Twenty-five, a quarter century. This is where I am right now, and I love it. There were a lot of great things about 24, but I feel like last year was a year of searching for a place for myself in the city and still struggling in that limbo between college life and adult life. Twenty-five has already started off so very well with a weekend full of yoga, drinks with friends, and performing in three different shows; all the things I love the most. There was a lot of hard work, and lots of play - a happy balance. My goal for my 25th year is to continue finding this balance. I am coming into my career as a dancer more and more and am so excited and grateful to be working with two different companies, dancing 5 days of the week. I of course still have my other jobs to help pay the bills, but there is a better ratio of dance time to non-dance "work" time. I am learning to say no to things that I really don't have time for in order to fully commit to the things I really do want to do, attempting to keep a balance of work, and play, and maybe sometimes sleep too :) This September also marks 22 years since my very first dance class. I am so happy that dancing is something that still gives me as much joy as it did all those years ago when I first put on that pink tutu, dancing in the front yard with my sister!