Monday, April 29, 2013

Plotting Positions of Objects in the Sky

Performance alert!

Plotting Positions of Objects in the Sky will be premiering at Blabbermouth ATL next Saturday May 11th! My good friend Mallory Baxley is the choreographer and I have been helping collaborate on this work. We are both performing in the work, alongside Lauren Markham, Ce-Ce Miley, and Brittany Baptiste. 

Here are some photos from our rehearsal process :) 

Mallory and I creating a lift for Brittany and Ce-Ce

Love working with new young choreographers, and being able to be a part of a process! Make it out to Spelman for Blabbermouth 2013 and see some new artists in the ATL dance scene! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lily Baldwin

photo from 
I have been obsessed with Lily Baldwin since I first saw her trailer for Sea Meadow a couple years ago. I find myself constantly inspired by her work and drawn to her aesthetic, she is a beautiful mover and has an amazing eye for capturing a storyline through movement on film. As a dancer and filmmaker myself, I highly respect her work and am excited by the level of response to her work by the public. Sea Meadow just became available for purchase through iTunes today, I suggest you all go and download the very affordable ($1.99) film and support the arts while being entertained! Also, here is a link to A Juice Box Afternoon - the first episode in the Paperback Movie Project! 
Can't wait to see what is next from this dance/film genius! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First concert at Skwhirlhaus

It is so amazing to be a part of Skwhirlhaus in multiple ways. I love being a part of the collective and working with Maryn getting things ready for performances and working with other artists. And I am also so thankful I am able to perform at Skwhirlhaus. This past weekend I performed for the first time as a member of T. Lang Dance, and that performance just so happened to be at Skwhirlhaus! I feel like all of these huge things are happening in the dance world in Atlanta right now, and I am just so excited to be involved with so much of it. We had a lovely turnout for this weekends show, the weather was nice (chillier than expected, but blankets and fires in the chimineas when it got dark helped) and it is just so magical to see Maryn's backyard transform into a venue with everyone on the grass and dancers up on the stage. Thanks to Amanda Martin for these photographs. I was able to get some film of the next two artists who presented, Jessica Sias Wilson and MaryGrace Phillips after I performed with Deborah in a duet for T. Lang! 
Skwhirlhaus members with Maryn during opening speech - ignore my crazy outfit, I pulled warmups on over my costume as I was about to perform! 
T. Lang Dance
T. Lang Dance

Friday, April 12, 2013

Easily Pleased

"The key to knowing joy is being easily pleased." - Mark Nepo.

One of my favorite yoga teachers, Astrid, introduced me to Mark Nepo by reading selections from his writings during class, and I knew I needed to start reading his work daily. I have learned to appreciate the small things such as reading my daily passage from The Book of Awakening or enjoying a cup of tea while the girls nap. I look forward to these simple quite times to reflect, meditate, and become inspired for the day. This used to not seem like much, but now I know the power of being easily pleased. Happy friday :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Not so little dance scene...

I am so excited to see first hand how much this little dance world in Atlanta is growing. I have only lived here less than a year, and I have already see so much change and growth. Over the past few weeks I have seen some amazing performance and performed myself! I went to the Atlanta Ballet's New Choreographic Voices, which was incredible. I love seeing technically trained ballet dancers performing contemporary work, it brings a whole new feeling and interpretation to contemporary dance. That same weekend I also saw Staibdance perform Versus at Emory; another amazing show! Staib had a TON of dancers, and I am friends with the majority of them (no matter where you are, the dance world is small and connected :). It is always incredible to watch your friends on stage. Some of these folks have grown and matured so much since I last saw them perform so that was really neat to watch.

Last Friday night I went to my friend Erik's show, Better. He performed in his amazing rehearsal space at North Druid Hills Baptist Church, right around the corner from my apartment. This guy know how to entertain, and is such a beautiful mover! I love that he put together this solo show - everything from costume, lights, staging, professional flyers - on his own with a just little help from his friends. And I love how receptive and supportive the whole dance and art community was, coming out to this show. Makes me remember how much I love this dance world in Atlanta.

Saturday night was our Skwhirlhaus Hauswarming! After rescheduling from the previous weekend due to rain, we went on with the event even though the forecast seemed a bit looming. I am amazed how many people came out to watch and donate and enjoy treats even in the rain! And the dancers who were showing excerpts from their work were all good sports and danced in the rain! It was really beautiful and a great way to kick off the first season of Skwhirlhaus. I performed a short improvisation early in the evening, and a few of the other Skwhirl members also showed portions of new and old work. The rest of the night I had so much fun photographing the event and mingling with other dancers and dance lovers while snacking on too much sugar! I am so looking forward to the rest of the season, starting with our April show which I am performing in with T. Lang Dance!

Meg Gibbs - solo
Crossover Movement Arts 
Skwhirl Snacks table :)
Tara Hemmer - solo
MaryGrace Phillips - solo

I just love watching and being a part of this dance world as it blossoms and is embraced by the community!