Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"...there are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths."

These wise words from Mark Nepo are ones I have to remember as I try to plan out the next part of my life. I have really been trying to practice living in the moment this summer, and because of this I have been incredibly happy. I have been lucky I have had the opportunity to do this, to spend my summer mostly unemployed just dancing and taking yoga and reflecting on life - but realities call and I have to go back to a busy schedule in the fall. As I try to plan out my calendar filled with multiple jobs in different locations, and navigating maps and routes all around Atlanta, I find myself over and over again having to decide what is most important to me in one moment, and wishing there was a way I could be in 2 places (or a million places) at once. I keep playing this game of "what if" with the different options and trying to predict the outcome with each, but I have to remember that "there are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths." Life is good right now, I am so blessed that I have so many options of how to fill my time, so many dance opportunities that I have to learn to say no to some of them. This is new for me, but I am learning and while learning, trying to stay as connected to the present moment as possible.

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