Sunday, August 21, 2011

Arriving in Dublin!

We are here!

After spending more more than 24 hours in airports and airplanes we arrived in Dublin at 6:55 AM local time (12:55 AM in Oklahoma) got through customs and got our bags, then fell asleep over breakfast. 
Woke up again to have cappuccino and lunch, then mom and I parted ways as she got on the CityLink bus to Athlone and I hopped on the AirLink to Dublin City Centre. 

After a quick realization that street signs are few and far between and there is a difference between Talbot St and Talbot Place, I found my hostel!

Jacobs Inn is just around the corner from DanceHouse where my intensive with Irish Modern Dance Theatre is this week so it will be easy to navigate. I am staying in a 10 bunk girls room (although at this time there are only 6 including myself) and the accommodations are quite nice. All of the rooms have ensuite bathrooms, free continental breakfast and a self serve kitchen to cook other meals, free wi-fi, and a TV/game room. So far I've met 3 of the girls in my room, one from Australia, one from New Zealand, and one from France. The other 2 are French also, but have been out since I got here. 

I walked around the area a bit and found DanceHouse so I will be ready for tomorrow, but now I am ready to crash. Time to sleep so I will be ready to dance tomorrow!