Thursday, August 25, 2011

Differences in Dublin

Its funny the things you start to notice that are different in Ireland. Its hard sometimes for me to keep track of what is different just for the Irish, because I am staying in a hostel with people from all over the place. But some things I have learned so far:

America        Ireland
     chips     -     crisps
    fries       -     chips
elevator    -       lift
restroom      -      toilets
comforter    -     dummy
   jacket       -     jumper

There are so many more, but for now thats what I can think of. Then of course there is the driving. I still get weirded out when I see a car moving but don't see anyone on the  "drivers side" And there are these funny little signs in the street reminding visitors to look for oncoming traffic in case you forget they drive on the other side of the road!

I walked over Liffey again today to go explore Trinity College a bit. 

 This part of Dublin reminds me of NYC. So many people trying to cross the street, people are set up on the bridge trying to sell tourists postcards and Ireland gear. 

 Trinity has a beautiful campus. Here is the front entrance.  
When you walk through the entrance you come onto a quad area. 

 It had started to rain a bit when I was there, but the sun came out shortly and I saw the most beautiful rainbow! Very Irish. 

Leaving the front entrance again, you have a beautiful view of the The Irish Houses of Parliament which is now the Bank of Ireland. Apparently they replaced beautiful stained glass windows with cement because glass used to be taxed so it was too expensive!

Walking back home I noticed just how many statues there are around Dublin of people who have done great things. 

Like these two along O'Connell St. The first one is James (or Jim) Larkin, a founder of the Irish Labor Party. The other is Daniel O'Connell who fought for Catholic Emancipation. 

Then there is this fun one of James Joyce down Talbot St. And these are just a few, there are tons around town, most of people I have never heard, but hopefully I will know soon! 

On to my last day of the intensive tomorrow! This week has flown by. I am excited to see Mom tomorrow and meet the faculty she has been staying with. We will explore Ikea in Dublin for some things to make our little apartment feel more like home, then head to Athlone! 

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