Friday, September 23, 2011

Arthur's Day

On Thursday we headed out to Sean's Bar (oldest pub in Ireland, possibly all of Europe) to celebrate Arthur's Day! Arthur's Day is a celebration for Arthur Guinness and is somewhat a controversial holiday over here. It began in 2009 as a national music series to celebrate 250 years of brewing Guinness and at 17:59 everyone is supposed to raise a pint in honor of 1759 the year Guinness Brewery was established. Many locals dislike the holiday as they think it is just a marketing ploy by the English company who bought out Guinness, and that they don't appreciate the history of Guinness as they should. But never the less almost every pub in every town celebrates, who can turn down Guinness for any reason?!
The inside of Sean's Bar is so amazing to look around in. The first time I was here it was dark and crowded and hard to appreciate all of the cool pictures and knick knacks all over the walls, but we got there early to celebrate and explore!
There was also some great live music and some families showed up (kids - in a bar!) 
We enjoyed raising a pint and soaking it all in!

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