Monday, November 7, 2011


Ah London, such a lovely place to visit for my first trip out of Ireland! 
Right after Carrie and Jon left, I had plans to visit a good friend of mine from OU who is now studying at the London School of Economics. We realized we would be living drastically closer to each other in Ireland and England than we were living in Georgia and Oklahoma, so I just had to make the trip over!
So much beautiful architecture to take in! Crossing the Millenium Bridge in London there is a nice view of the contrasting "new" and "old" London.
I was able to spend some time strolling through Tate Modern, taking in the masterpieces 
I always love seeing school field trips in art gallerys :)
Then walked down the street to Shakespeare's Globe. It is always amazing to be standing where so much history happened.
Walking through the streets of London it was hard to keep my camera down, so much to see in this city!
And of course I had to keep documenting Occupy!
Across town to see the Olympic countdown in front of the National Gallery!
And take a touristy photo in front of the Lions
Over to Westminster and Big Ben!
Bax and I stopped in a little pub across the street from Big Ben and had a pint. It was so surreal to standing outside a pub having a beer with my friend from Oklahoma, staring up at Big Ben!
Then we headed over to Westminster Abbey - breathtaking!
To make our full tourist day complete, we headed over to Buckingham Palace!
Unfortunately the queen must have been busy as she did not invite me in for tea... 
Then we strolled down the Princess Diana Memorial walk back to the Tube.
The next day we headed over to the Victoria and Albert Museum. So many amazing things to see inside, but one of my favorite things was sitting out in the gardens enjoying the beautiful day!
My last night in London just happened to be Guy Fawkes so I was able to see some fireworks!
And enjoy a nice pint with good friends!
A great trip to London! 

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