Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carrie and Jon in Dublin

Our last bit of time with Carrie and Jon was spent in Dublin. 
We were able to document yet another Occupy...
And looked around Powers Court shopping centre - a beautiful old building with great places to eat and cute little shops!
We also headed to the National Museum of Ireland where we saw some of the bog bodies. Warning - creepy half man picture coming...
The bog bodies are dated around 400 - 200 BC but you can still see flesh and fingernails on them. It is crazy how the bog preserves these bodies. Most of them they were believed sacrificed - or brutally killed - then thrown in the bog, which explains the man cut in half below, but there were others where you could still see the hair on their heads! Crazy!
Next on the Dublin to-do list for Carrie and Jon was Guinness, but since Mom and I had already been there, we decided to send them on their own and enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon in St. Stephen's Green.
Love seeing the trees change colors in the fall!
The next morning before Carrie and Jon had to head to the airport, we headed right across the street from our hotel to explore Christ Church Cathedral. 
It was a gorgeous morning, the sun warmed everything up!
Gorgeous tile work and stained glass throughout the church. I love to see sun shining through stained glass!
After Mom played around with the giant door, we headed downstairs to explore the crypt.
One of the most interesting attractions in the crypt is a mummified cat and rat that locals jokingly refer to as "Tom and Jerry." Apparently these two were chasing each other through the church when they both got stuck in an organ pipe, only to be found around a hundred years later during an organ repair in the 1850's!
Down in the crypt they also have a cool little cafe that is very atmospheric and can be rented out for private parties.
We had a great last few days in Dublin, and a wonderful full week with Carrie and Jon! 

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