Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Final days in Athlone

 The last few days in Athlone flew by. So many people to see and say goodbye to, Christmas festivities, wrapping up with Athlone Art and Heritage, finishing up the screen dance project with Lesley, and packing up our sweet little home on Strand St. Lots to do, but I couldn't have asked for a better final few days.
Mom and I went out to dinner at Left Bank Bistro with the Mac Gilloa Ri gang which is always a fun time. Great craic for sure, I love this family! 
 More packing and preparing for our move home, but interspersed with fun times! On our final full day in Athlone, we had a Christmas brunch at Sue's house with Denise and the kids in attendance. It was such a grand celebration, and the kids loved their Christmas crowns Misheala and I crafted for them!
 Cheers Aela! 
 Adorable kiddos! Miss them already
 After our fantastic Christmas brunch and tearful goodbyes with Sue, Denise and the kids, we headed to Abbey Road Artist Studios. Lesley and I finished a rough draft of our dance film and decided to have a small showing of the painting series she had started and the film itself. It was quite impromptu, but we had a good turnout of family and friends and it was wonderful to feel some sort of completion on the project before I headed back to the states! 
 Lesley and I - love this wonderful woman!
 Showing the film
 Good craic with our guests!
 Lesley, Catherine, and I. These women are brilliant artists who I have had the pleasure to get to know and work with while in Athlone. 

The sun began to set on our final day in Athlone after the film showing, so Mom and I decided to make one last trip out to the river to feed our beautiful swan family and say goodbye to one of my favorite places in Ireland. 
Although I only lived here for four months, Athlone is somewhere I know I will always call home.

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