Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Misheala Visits!

So Misheala and I have a funny history. We are both lived in Oklahoma (she went to OU) and have quite a few mutual friends, but we never met until I was visiting Baxter in London (where she is now attending LSE) We instantly became great friends and I am so glad that she was able to come visit me in Ireland! Misheala is such a good sport, she stepped right off the bus and came to help out with our dress rehearsal of The Present assisting with music and lights like a pro! The Present is a little show that Mom decided to put on as our way of giving back to the Athlone community before we headed back to the states. Mom read some of her poetry, Sue (one of Mom's colleagues from AIT) sang a few songs, I danced a very improvised solo (we didn't realize that the already tiny stage at The Passionfruit Theatre would still have a set up from a play that weekend, so I had to get creative...) and the final and best part of the show was Paul's storytelling (he is incredible at captivating an audience, especially kids!) We also had a raffle to raise some money for the theatre which included not one but two bottles of whisky, a bit different from the raffles we have in the States! Sibdh had a great time pulling out the tickets though!

 The performers
 Me with the greatest impromptu stage manager - Misheala! 
 Of course we had to celebrate the show and Misheala's first night in Athlone with a pint down the street at Gertie Brownes!

The next day Misheala and I braved the cold wet windy day and hopped a bus to Galway.
The weather was pretty ridiculous... 
 But we had a good time eating at Ard Bia and walking around the soggy Christmas market in the square :)

 Back in Athlone, Misheala helped me craft some Christmas crowns for the Mac Giolla Ri kids!
 Custom crowns for Sibdh, Cuan, Aela, and a faery wand for baby Cassie!
 Other activities with Misheala included a grand night out at Seans Bar, and a hungover brunch at the Tea Room the next day, and some lovely walks all around Athlone! It was too short, but I am so glad we got to spend some more time hanging out, it was nice to have a partner in crime my own age for once!

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