Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baking Day!

Baking has been an adventure so far here in Ireland. With ovens that have pictures on the dials and temperatures in Celsius with baking directions reading something like this "180 degrees gas mark 4, or 160 degrees, fan assisted" things can get confusing. Needless to say, I haven't done too much baking so far. But when I got an offer to spend the day with 4 adorable Irish kids in the kitchen, I just couldn't pass it up!
Sabdh (7) counting out how many 'buns' we can make
 My mom's colleague Denise invited us to spend the day at her home this past weekend and we found some kid friendly (and not so scary for myself) fairy cake mix, all you had to do was add milk to the bottled mix and shake it up then pour into liners! The kids were so wild, crazy, wonderful ranging in age from 7 years - 15months it was quite an adventure baking! 
Cuan (5) helping fill the tins.
Aela (3) helping taste test the batter :)
Aela and Cassie (15mo) playing while the cakes baked!
I would say the hardest part of the day was waiting for these little cakes to cool as the kids stood by anxiously waiting to decorate! We did have some fun running and dancing through the house while we waited though...
Finally after some lunch, the cakes were ready to be topped!
Cuan (5) with his masterpieces 
Cuan, Sabdh, and I
I think Aela did equal parts eating and decorating, but had a great time!
And sweet little Cassie had the most fun coating herself head to toe with frosting and sprinkles!
Sabdh with her sweeties
After getting fully sugar coated inside and out, Denise and the kids dropped us back at home, but not before stopping off to say hello to the swans by our house!
It was so wonderful to spend the day in the kitchen around such energetic fun loving adorable Irish kids! 

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  1. cassie eats cupcakes like me...