Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carrie's Birthday and Galway

So glad that Carrie and Jon could come and visit Mom and I here in Ireland! I rarely get to see my sister and brother-in-law so its even more of a treat to be able to travel with them! They arrived on Carrie's birthday, so I decided to have some cupcakes waiting for them!
I decided to go with carrot cupcakes, as Carrie's nickname used to be Carrie Carrot :)
I also attempted working with marzipan for the first time to make little carrots to go on top!
Yay! Happy birthday sis! 
The morning after their arrival we headed to Galway for the day. Right across Eyre Square from the bus station was Occupy Galway. Taking pictures of all the "Occupy" locations in different cities became sort of a game for the next few travel days ha!
Of course we had to take them to the best restaurant ever, Ard Bia! 
And take some pictures outside after a lovely meal!
We continued exploring Galway and stopped in to get Carrie a Claddagh ring for her birthday. Inside the little shop was a Claddagh ring museum including the smallest Claddagh ring ever - sat on top of a pin head!
Another stop was back in St Nicholas Collegiate Church where I found my very own monument, and we explored the graveyard out back.
Tired after travel and a full day in Galway, but ready for the jam packed next week of fun!

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