Monday, October 31, 2011

Ring of Kerry

So during our Cork trip with Carrie and Jon, we did a tour of the Ring of Kerry. I would have included this in the Cork post, but there are just too many pictures! This day deserved its own post. 
I wasn't too sure what to expect from a bus tour and was a bit nervous it would just be cheesy touristy stuff all day, but I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful our guide and the whole tour was. 
First we stopped at the Gap of Dunloe
I love that we get to get on and off the bus and spend time in beautiful places along the Ring. 
Some of the next pictures are just from the bus window as we drove along beautiful scenes.
Goofy family. This is one of our best family pics...
Another sight along our tour was seeing where Charlie Chaplin had his vacation home in the little town of Waterville. 
Here's his quaint little home in the distance. What a beautiful place to spend some time. 
Our next stop was the most windy! On top of a cliff with circle fort down below and a beautiful statue just off the road.
Around the Ring a bit more we came upon a beach! A freezing beach, but a beach!
Our tour was pretty small the day we went (just us 4 and one other couple) so when Mom said something about chocolate to our guide, he made an extra stop in a small town that he said had amazing homemade chocolate!
Such a nice guy, worth the stop too... the chocolate, and views, were amazing! 
One of my favorite parts of the whole tour was our last stop, Torc Waterfall. 
The beautiful Sleepy Hollow-esq forest leading to the waterfall was just incredible.
Moss covering trees like carpet.
And the waterfall! 
Amazing tree roots.
A completely breathtaking day all around.

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