Sunday, October 16, 2011


Despite the forecast saying rain all day, we decided to catch a bus to Westport today. It's about 3 hours north west of Athlone but riding the bus gives us a chance to see some new countryside and check out the little town! 
Although there were dark clouds early in the morning, a rainbow while leaving Athlone pointed toward sunny skies and gave us a little optimism for the day.
 And when we got to Westport, it was a beautiful day! Here is the center of the town with the clock tower just down from where we got off the bus. 
 Walking toward the coast, we saw some beautiful mountain views, and got to watch sheep grazing on the hillside from the large windows in the quaint little restaurant we ate lunch at. 
We spent a little time soaking in the sun and beautiful views, then headed back towards the center of town. On our way back to the main road, we found an alternative route - an old railway that the town turned into a walking/bike route!
 It was a bit of a longer way back to town, but it was such a beautiful day to be walking it was perfect! And we got to see lots of cool trees and berries and plants.
Like this awesome birch tree that was "staring" at me :)
 There were also some breaks in the trees where you could see cows grazing on bright green grass and cute little farm homes.
 Parts of the path had big stones on the side that were literally dripping with water - like a big sponge being squeezed, it was so interesting!
 And very cool tree roots growing through the stones.
 Looking back at the beautiful mountain view as we headed into town again.
 We window shopped some and had to stop in a cute gourmet foods and old fashioned candy shop to get a treat to bring home. 
Delicious, but so rich! 
Westport was a perfect little Sunday getaway!

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