Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First concert at Skwhirlhaus

It is so amazing to be a part of Skwhirlhaus in multiple ways. I love being a part of the collective and working with Maryn getting things ready for performances and working with other artists. And I am also so thankful I am able to perform at Skwhirlhaus. This past weekend I performed for the first time as a member of T. Lang Dance, and that performance just so happened to be at Skwhirlhaus! I feel like all of these huge things are happening in the dance world in Atlanta right now, and I am just so excited to be involved with so much of it. We had a lovely turnout for this weekends show, the weather was nice (chillier than expected, but blankets and fires in the chimineas when it got dark helped) and it is just so magical to see Maryn's backyard transform into a venue with everyone on the grass and dancers up on the stage. Thanks to Amanda Martin for these photographs. I was able to get some film of the next two artists who presented, Jessica Sias Wilson and MaryGrace Phillips after I performed with Deborah in a duet for T. Lang! 
Skwhirlhaus members with Maryn during opening speech - ignore my crazy outfit, I pulled warmups on over my costume as I was about to perform! 
T. Lang Dance
T. Lang Dance

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